Modern commercial vehicles are usually equipped with air conditioning systems. Especially for trucks, air conditioning maintenance is a safety necessity. It is beneficial to learn about the warning signs of routine maintenance of the conditioning system.


Repair or service the air conditioning system, yes, but when?

The air conditioning device of a vehicle requires regular maintenance to function correctly. This is because this device is equipped with a coolant that turns warm air into cold air. On the functional side, ambient air is drawn into the ducts, cleaning waste is cooled and then ventilated inside the cabin. This system ensures user comfort and safety while keeping them away from the smoke. Thus, to operate, the mechanism is equipped with several parts, such as pipes, an evaporator, a condenser, compressor. Subject to regular or intense activity, these parts can only be defective if they are maintained. It is then necessary to clean them regularly to avoid breakdowns. In this sense, there are possibilities to perform complete maintenance in a truck center like C.T. Cam & Ressorts Industriels Laval Inc, a garage specializing in air conditioning.


Top 3 reasons to fix the air conditioning in your truck

Most agree that air conditioning maintenance is a necessity. However, it can be challenging to determine the right time to perform this cleaning. In this regard, paying close attention to specific details when the air conditioning is turned on is crucial. To diagnose effectively, drive your truck with the air conditioning running at full power. In this technical test figure, listen to the noise made by the vents or air emitters when the air conditioning runs at full power.

  1. If you identify unusual noises similar to clicking or whirring, then it may be essential to repair or replace your compressor.
  2. Also, the intensity of the air being vented is also a consistent indicator of how well your air conditioning is working. It is necessary to regularly ensure that the air pressure varies by the adjusted power. In real-life situations, the user can look to see if the vents are not only diffusing warm air.
  3. A finding relating to the odour emanating from the fresh air ducts is also a signal alarming the driver that cabin air filter maintenance is needed.


Photo of an air conditioned truck, Laval Industrial Springs &CT CAM


Be aware of the risks and anticipate the damage

Air conditioning is an indispensable accessory for trucks, tractors, over-the-roaders, trailers, semi-trailers and emergency vehicles. Unfortunately, it is often on the sidelines of maintenance work on these vehicles. Nevertheless, its importance can be appreciated on several levels. Far from providing only comfort to the driver, it allows him on the safety plan to maintain his vigilance while driving. Indeed, we must admit that the body works well and preserves all its faculties, provided that the air is neither too cool nor too hot.


On the other hand, if the driver breathes hot air and sweats profusely, the body loses vitality and tires more quickly. The risk of accidents is higher, as trucks and carriers are prone to travel long distances. The scenario is the same in winter if you need adequate heating to drive safely. In addition, when the weather conditions are unfavourable, having a sound air conditioning system can prevent you from having traffic accidents. For example, when boiling, air conditioning is essential to give you good visibility by defogging the windows. Driving with the windows open without conditioning offers less grip to trucks, in this case, when driving at high speeds on highways.

It goes without saying that the damage caused by a car is not only the result of a collision but also the result of a collision;

It goes without saying that the damage caused by poor maintenance is not only human. A drop in gas could just as quickly severely damage the conditioning system. As a result, on the economic front, there may be additional expenses for repair.


In conclusion

Possible identification of a malfunction similar to one of the listed cases should be the subject of a technical visit to a truck center or an air-conditioned garage. Beyond this recommendation, every truck driver must be aware of the double degree of risk linked to inadequate air conditioning maintenance. If you are a driver of a particular kind of truck and you spot any failure of your air cooling equipment, do not hesitate to have it checked, serviced and repaired by your C.T. Truck Center. Cam & Ressorts Industriels Laval Inc.