In this category, we will cover the maintenance of the following services: power steering, brakes, axles, clutch, truck suspension. We will also provide do-it-yourself maintenance tips to extend the life of your truck’s parts.

The importance of mechanical truck maintenance

Last year, 37,301 truckers were involved in road accidents, 370 of whom lost their lives. For a heavy truck owner in Montreal, regular truck mechanical maintenance should therefore be a priority! The importance of heavy truck mechanical maintenance The heavy-duty truck mechanical check must be performed every six or 12 months - [...]

When should you service the air conditioning in your truck?

Status Modern commercial vehicles are usually equipped with air conditioning systems. Especially for trucks, air conditioning maintenance is a safety necessity. It is beneficial to learn about the warning signs of routine maintenance of the conditioning system.   Repair or service the air conditioning system, yes, but when? The air conditioning device of a vehicle [...]

How to prevent road accidents?

In principle, heavy truck drivers are confronted with several risks, including road accidents related to their job as a transporter. Indeed, accidents happen all the time on the road and each of them can be fatal for the driver. But, what are the preventive actions to avoid an accident? Parts and systems, key items to [...]

When should you repair your truck differential?

What if you didn't brush your teeth regularly? What do you think would happen to those pretty pearly whites? Your truck's differential is no different. Get the scoop on when should you repair your truck differential to save money and a headache all at the same time!

Heavy truck mechanic training

Heavy truck mechanics is a specialty reserved for those that have followed certain studies and that have earned a certain level of experience. Learn more about the importance of a heavy vehicle mechanic in this article.

Tips on Maintaining Heavy Truck Suspension System

Tips on Maintaining Heavy Truck Suspension System Most vehicles on the road today are there as a means of transportation for people. Drivers use their vehicles to get from one place to another as quickly and efficiently as possible, sometimes carrying other passengers in the process. If something goes wrong mechanically with a [...]