Have you considered looking into your semi truck’s wheel alignment lately?

Proper wheel alignment makes it easier to maintain the right driving direction thanks to a tread whose contact surface adheres perfectly to the ground. As tires are the only contact a heavy truck has with the ground, driving safety is highly dependent on this component of a heavy truck.

Here are a few more benefits of proper wheel alignment:

  • Benefit from better road holding
  • Save fuel
  • Prevent premature tire wear on a heavy truck by incorporating tire alignment into your maintenance log.

Do not hesitate to communicate or make an appointment with our truck center if you think your wheel alignment needs looking into.

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What Causes Wheel Misalignment?

There are various reasons poor wheel alignment can occur on your vehicle.

  • Sharp and large impact:  A sharp and large impactis the one of the main reasons we see at our truck center for improper wheel alignment. This can be the result of driving over a significant pothole, hitting a sidewalk or curb on a turn or impact with any other solid object, for example, or colliding with another vehicle. Depending on the severity of the impact, the force of the impact causes the wheels to be put out of alignment.
  • Suspension issue: Wheel misalignment can also be caused by a recent replacement of a suspension part.
  • Wear & tear: The simple wear and tear that occurs over months of driving through seasons and diffeent terrain can also be a cause that leads to wheel misalignment.
  • Lastly, loose suspension springs: In addition, suspension springs loosen as they age: this phenomenon affects wheel alignment over time and can be dangerous.

It is always better to prevent than to compromise safety!

Here are five signs that will help you spot poor alignment of the wheels :

  • tire has excessive wear & tear
  • steering wheel pulls to one side
  • handling is affected
  • wheel isn’t centered and/or straight
  • steering wheel repositioning is difficulty following bends/turns

What are the Benefits of Carrying Out Tire Maintenance?

Tasks related to maintaining wheel alignment have several advantages!

  • Increases safety on wet roads: optimal braking in the absence of premature wear of the tire tread, better control of stopping distance.
  • Investment Protection: Every inch of misalignment causes tire wear and can lead to dangerous driving.
  • Optimization of fuel economy: proper adjustment optimizes fuel efficiency (up to 7 %).

When is it time to consider wheel alignment for your heavy truck?

For heavy trucks, alignment is recommended every 20 000 kilometers, at roughly the same time as the rotation of the wheels. 

However, it is important to perform the alignment as soon as you notice the vehicle suddenly pulling to the left or to the right.

This is described as a “pinch” resulting in a positive value, or conversely, an “opening” to the outside when value is negative. Misalignment indicates that one or more of the wheels has been misaligned. Neutral alignment occurs when wheels’ axle manages to maintain a constant distance in a straight line.

When no poor geometry occurs, the perfect time to perform wheel alignment is spring. It’s the season where black ice has decreased, but an increase in the proliferation of potholes exists on many roads. When wheels take countless impacts, whether it is a crushing pothole seen at last minute or inadvertently veering onto the edge of a sidewalk or curb.

Wheel alignment generates lateral tension in steering wheel during braking and acceleration, as well as deformation tire tread. Poor alignment can over time damage suspension pivot points.

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High Precision Truck Maintenance at RIL CT CAM

Call Ressorts Industriels Laval for an alignment appointment dedicated to your fleet of heavy trucks. It is essential that experienced and specialized truck mechanics are the only people performing these types of tasks as improper attention or experience with this type of imposing equipment can be dangerous.

Our technicians use computerized technologies, including laser alignment, to verify the wheels’ position. All components related to tires are evaluated using software: tires, wheels, brakes, suspension. To do this, our technicians install a device equipped with a camera on each wheel rims. The device electronically emits data which is transmitted to a computer to generate a written report!

Ressorts Industriels Laval specialize in heavy truck alignment which requires extremely precise work depending on the number of axles.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional questions or to make an appointment. In addition, you can view our special price list on wheel alignment.