Our story – Translated from original article in the Journal Le Mécanicien, June / July 1999

Ressorts Industriels Laval Inc. / Centre de Camion C.T. CAM Inc.

“Experts who get the biggest jobs done!”Ressorts Industriels Laval Inc. : Centre de Camion C.T. CAM Inc., about us, photo 2

If you have not yet set foot in the truck center Ressorts Industriels Laval Inc. / C.T. CAM Truck Center Inc. since the beginning of the year, you are not among those who have had the pleasure of appreciating its spacious waiting room and newly enlarged, converted showroom that offers the greatest customer experience, comfort and source information.

Many trucking mechanical units are on display when you walk in to demonstrate their operation. The administrative offices are installed above this extension. In fact, the owners are not new to extending businesses by any measure.

Since 1915, they have redesigned the site and optimized the 20,000 sq. ft. of land they have there. Today, the building alone occupies 75% of the space!

Truck suspension and transmission repair under one roof!

These numerous changes and constant expansion of the enterprise, are easier to understand when we know the comapanies history.

1915 to 1986

From 1915 to 1986, when we talk about the company, we talk about the company Ressorts Industriels Laval inc. It is indeed under this name that the original founder Mr. Lodovico (Ludevic) Forlini founded a company that would quickly become a leader in the areas of suspension, steering (heavy and light vehicles) in Laval.


In 1984, after a few years of participation in his father’s company’s activities on evenings and summers, Tom Forlini accepted the position of controller within the company.

With a Bachelor in Administration (specializing in finance), Tom quickly made his rounds and decided to expand the offering of the family business by creating a second business: The truck repair center C.T. CAM Inc.

The latter completed the function of the first by meeting the mechanical needs of customers for transmission, differential, steering box, clutch repair and reconstruction.

a propos, Ressorts Industriels Laval & C.T.CAM


1989 is when Francesco (Frank), Ludevic’s brother, came onboard putting his energy into the company. The Forlini quartet was fully completed in 1989 when Tony, Tom’s cousin, joined the administrative team after completing a bachelor’s degree in economics (trade option). From now on, Tony would occupy the post of general manager of C.T.CAM.


A year later (in October 1990), after four years of “courtship”, the two companies decided to unite their destiny under one roof, that of 3850, boul. Leman, in the industrial district of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul in Laval: where the foundation officially began in 1975.

Papa Ludevic, Uncle Frank, son Tom and cousin Tony are now managing the most impressive duo / traction group in the region, with A growth of 10% per year. It contains all the advanced mechanical equipment, including two alignment devices for heavy trucks (10 and 12 wheels), light trucks and motor vehicles.

A big family

While he describes Ressorts Industriels Laval Inc. in some way as the mother company, Tom still considers C.T.CAM as his “baby”.

In contrast to Ressorts Industriels Laval Inc. which focuses its on mostly local services, C.T. Cam knows no borders. The parts it remanufactures and distributes (75% new, 25% used) are shipped throughout Quebec and the Eastern Ontario. With an inventory of the order of one million dollars, management can deal quickly and diligently with its customers.

Tom points out

“Acting fast is important when your reputation is built on service!”

“We have 12 units on the road that we make available to our customers; whether to deliver parts to them, to pick up their vehicle OR to couple a semi-trailer that they wish to have repaired. We offer a full service weekdays from 8:00 to 22:00 and a counter service (rooms) on Saturdays from 8:00 to 12:00.”

The Forlini administrators, who also count other family members in their jobs, place great importance on their employees as a kind of “extension” of this family. In total, 28 people participate in the success of the company, each assigned to a function that highlights its skills. The number of years of service seems to be a good indication of the atmosphere and working conditions found in both companies.

To name a few, let’s mention that Nicolas and Michel, the floor foremen, oversee the smooth running of the work under the watchful eye of Reginald, who holds the position of General Manager (Industrial Springs) and one of the pioneers: he is the consultant in modification of the suspension.

Our history, about us, Ressorts Industriels Laval & C.T.CAM

Unique modifications to the world

The work of extending and shortening the chassis and modifications of the suspension represent an expertise of which the Forlini are eminently proud (with a specialty in transformation of trucks 12 wheels).

The most important asset is certainly the combined skills of both companies. The resulting versatility enables them to bid on major projects (modification of the tandem system before 10-wheel to 12-wheel mixers, addition of an axle to the 6-wheel truck with 6 wheels, etc.) and to offer a competitive price on the overall change: “We are doing everything from engine and bodywork,” says Tony. “And again, we can get the customer to excellent professionals in these areas. ”

Tom is pleased to note that they were the “craftsmen” of a Japanese 10-wheel truck (a 6 to 10 wheel transformation) to no other in the world.

These achievements have enabled Industrial Springs Laval Inc. and CTCAM to become major players in their industry and win the trust of customers such as concrete mixers, school bus companies, municipalities, bulk carriers, etc.

Everyone finds the service they want and the big brands they were looking for: Hendrickson, Moog, Euclid, SKF, TRW, Mack, Neway (suspension, management); and Rockwell, Eaton, Fuller, Spicer, Clark, TRW, Ross, Sheppard, Federal Mogul (transmission, differential …). The management also thanks its customers for this trust, and reiterates its commitment to excellence for the years to come.

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