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Maintenance Tips for Power Steering on your Truck

A power steering system is a set of elements which help maintain a vehicle’s direction. It adjusts steering wheel precision, allowing driver to maintain control over truck trajectory. An essential element in vehicle’s stability, it constitutes with suspension to main stabilization systems. Power steering systems are especially important for trucks because they are very sensitive to steering problems. In [...]

Common Drive Shaft problems… What are they?

The propeller shaft (also known as drive shaft) is a vehicle component for transmitting mechanical power. Its power acts with a connection of a torque and a rotary movement. Transmission shaft rotation is quite fast. You can see this when it sends a signal to rear wheels of your vehicle. To perform well, balancing work is essential. When [...]

Advice from a heavy truck mechanic

Advice from a heavy truck mechanic for the ultimate maintenance of your truck’s life In this blog post, the heavy truck mechanic's at Ressorts Industriels Inc. / Centre de Camion C.T. CAM Inc. have taken a little time out of their busy schedule to put together an article that will help all truck owners [...]