When our truck takes us from point A to point B, we are very happy. However, as soon as a mechanical failure occurs, it causes troubles in our job. Even worse, a truck order that is not delivered on time has several consequences. Check out our blog to learn how truck parts work. This will help you to better communicate with your mechanician who will do the repairs.

Common Drive Shaft problems… What are they?

The propeller shaft (also known as drive shaft) is a vehicle component for transmitting mechanical power. Its power acts with a connection of a torque and a rotary movement. Transmission shaft rotation is quite fast. You can see this when it sends a signal to rear wheels of your vehicle. To perform well, balancing work is essential. When [...]

What are frequent truck suspensions problems unique to Quebec?

Here are the main highlights for your truck suspensions issues in Quebec: A complete inspection of the truck is mandatory before any repair action. This ensures that you do not neglect anything. The preventive maintenance sheet must provide visibility into the actual state of the vehicle and any deficiencies found, without exception. In order for the filling [...]