Tips on Maintaining Heavy Truck Suspension System

Tips on Maintaining Heavy Truck Suspension System Most vehicles on the road today are there as a means of transportation for people. Drivers use their vehicles to get from one place to another as quickly and efficiently as possible, sometimes carrying other passengers in the process. If something goes wrong mechanically with a [...]

Getting your truck ready for winter 2021

Getting Your Truck Ready For Winter 2021 - 10 Tips That Will Help 1. Check Your Truck's Battery Getting your truck ready for winter does not have to be a time-consuming task. Read through this short article and see how our 10 tips will help you prepare your heavy truck for this [...]

Dump Body Safety Devices for Dump Truck

Everything you need to know about safety and your dump truck Dump body safety devices are a system created to warn drivers of heavy dump truck's when there is a problem with their dumper. The devices are high quality electronic components that essentially keep an electronic eye on the status of a dump trucks [...]

Wheel alignment, a matter of safety!

Have you considered looking into your semi truck’s wheel alignment lately? Proper wheel alignment makes it easier to maintain the right driving direction thanks to a tread whose contact surface adheres perfectly to the ground. As tires are the only contact a heavy truck has with the ground, driving safety is highly dependent on this component [...]

Maintenance Tips for Power Steering on your Truck

A power steering system is a set of elements which help maintain a vehicle’s direction. It adjusts steering wheel precision, allowing driver to maintain control over truck trajectory. An essential element in vehicle’s stability, it constitutes with suspension to main stabilization systems. Power steering systems are especially important for trucks because they are very sensitive to steering problems. In [...]

Common Drive Shaft problems… What are they?

The propeller shaft (also known as drive shaft) is a vehicle component for transmitting mechanical power. Its power acts with a connection of a torque and a rotary movement. Transmission shaft rotation is quite fast. You can see this when it sends a signal to rear wheels of your vehicle. To perform well, balancing work is essential. When [...]