Repair of all types of truck suspension

Over 35 years experience in the light and heavy truck suspension industry.

air suspension, Ressorts Industriels Laval Inc, photoRessorts Industriels Laval Inc. has over 35 years experience in the light and heavy truck suspension industry. We can repair all your truck suspension components whether it be a leaf spring suspension or air ride suspension.

Truck and heavy truck suspension services are vital for maximum performance. Just like every other type of machinery, even trucks are subject to wear and tear. With every mile traveled, your truck suspension system is at the risk of losing its value, and this makes suspension services necessary for smooth riding.

Trucks are among the heavy machinery in the automobile industry. Unlike other smaller vehicles, trucks are typically built for tough work purposes and not for leisure travel. For this reason, they are specially designed to ensure they execute tasks most reliably and safely. Most people buy trucks for business purposes, and due to their nature of work, they require constant repairs to remain in the best operational shape. Suspension services are the most common type of repair that heavy automobile machines require, and Ressorts Industriels Laval offers you the best of suspension repair that your truck needs.

Air suspension parts & services

Ressorts Industriels Laval Inc. provides both light truck and heavy truck air suspension parts and services. These unique system repairs ensure that your coveted truck maintains the best performance on the highway and off the highway. More so, it significantly increases the ride quality of your truck due to the large volume air springs and heavy-duty shock absorbers. In turn, it tremendously reduces fatigue and ensures maximum cargo protection.

Moreover, our air suspensions are incorporated with lift axles that make them more effective and useful on the truck. Also, they provide lateral load distribution and reduce maintenance requirements. They also enable the truck to execute up to 25% off-highway operations.

The suspensions come in handy with optional Edge System that incredibly promotes efficient drive-line geometry and reduces drive-line vibration, which is a challenge for most heavy trucks.

Leaf spring suspension parts & services

truck suspension, Ressorts Industriels Laval Inc, photoWe also offers leaf spring suspension. Among them is a steel spring suspension that is highly reliable and durable. It is renowned for its extended efficiency even in the most severe applications.

These springs provide trucks with a consistent spring rate for longer life. Their equalizing beams are specially designed to distribute the load equally on both axles and increase truck traction in addition to lowering the center of gravity to improve stability.

Furthermore, the leaf springs come in diverse designs that ensure a softer truck ride in the case of a light load. In the event of harsh weather, the springs are well fitted with up to 15 inches diagonal wheel articulation for off-road mobility. Our leaf springs are exceedingly powerful and are made from high-strength steel. Besides, they are heat treated for excellent performance. Its center bushing is made of heavy-duty bronze to reduce maintenance requirements over the truck’s useful life.
Ressorts Industriels Laval is certainly one of the best providers of truck suspension services. It utilizes the professional services of highly trained technicians who offer advice and expert opinions, repairs or replacements, inspections, and maintenance of both trucks and heavy trucks systems.

For smooth and comfort truck driving in the city or off the highway, Ressorts Industriels Laval should be your repair stop shop for light and heavy truck suspension. Our services are top notch, and our experience and expertise are unparalleled. Pay us a visit today for a complete overhaul of your truck suspension.

Our different suspension services

heavy truck suspension, Ressorts Industriels Laval Inc, photo

  • Front & Rear Spring & Leaf Repair
  • King Pin and Torque Rod Repair
  • Rear Tandem Beam Bushing Repair
  • All Types of Bushing Repair
  • Front Axle Modification & Repairs
  • Leaf Spring
  • Air Suspension
  • Coil Springs
  • Air Valves
  • Torque Rods
  • Brackets
  • Spring Bushings & Pins
  • Walking Beam Bushings
  • Shock absorbers
  • Shackles & Pins
  • Leaf spring repair and/or addition of blades for front or back
  • Change your spring suspension to an Air suspension or vice-versa

Specialist in parts and repair of the 12 wheels (Mack DMM, Inter, Sterling, Freightliner, Volvo, etc.)

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