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Throughout the trucking industry, there are dozens of standard truck chassis available under different brands. While these standard chassis do the job in most instances, there is definitely a need for specialization and customization to suit certain applications where the standard doesn’t suffice.

In those cases, you need an expert team like Ressorts Industriels Laval Inc. that not only knows the standard specs of the truck chassis you are starting with, but also how to refit and work through the modifications that will help you use the truck for your particular situation.

We are experts in truck frame extensions!

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This type of modification is both an engineering scenario as well as a collaborative one. Our structural engineers use the latest high-tech tools necessary for making the modification you are needing. They also work in tandem with the original truck manufacturer to make sure that the customization you want is designed to be successful from start to finish without invalidating the warranty on the truck chassis.

From planning through execution, our team is committed to your project, working through feasibility strategies and design solutions that will go beyond your expectations. With engineering to welding to finishing, the Ressorts Industriels Laval Inc. team monitors quality as the conversion is ongoing to make certain of a successful modification. Your end product must be structurally sound if it is to do the job you have intended it to perform, so this quality monitoring is an essential part of the process.

Examples of our chassis extension work

  • Chassis Repair & Truck Chassis Modifications, Ressorts Industriels Laval Inc.5
  • Chassis Repair Truck Chassis Modifications Ressorts Industriels / C.T. CAM
  • Chassis Repair & Truck Chassis Modifications, Ressorts Industriels Laval Inc.9

Changing up the length of the chassis and additional modifications that can allow the truck to haul bigger loads is a complex modification that can be accomplished in our shop. Length modification can accommodate a dump bed configuration or allow a longer wheelbase that can handle a tag axle. As always, when modifying the length of the chassis, we are looking out to maintain your truck’s suspension for optimal performance.

Our expertise in truck frame, chassis repair & truck chassis modifications

truck frame, C.T. CAM, photoWe specialize in truck chassis modifications to approved engineering specifications. Modify frame lengths for different applications. Transform a straight body to a dumper, or a six wheel to a ten wheel, or a simple axis to a double axis (10 wheels to 12 wheels).

  • Extend or shorten a single or double chassis to desired lengths
  • Modification of chassis thickness in order to increase weight capacity
  • Double or triple the chassis in order to maximize capacity
  • Repair of truck chassis or broken or un-welded chassis or perforations
  • Lengthen or shorten chassis single of double
  • Cracks – Breaks – Perforation
  • Modify from 6 wheels to 10 wheels to 6 wheel
  • Modification – Repair – Change – Welding
  • Repair and weld broken rear housings
  • Differential ratio changes

Chassis repair is another bit that our team takes care of on truck chassis that have developed problems due to breakage, perforation, or cracks. Most truck chassis can be successfully repaired with cuts, welds and build up materials that will strengthen, straighten, and put the chassis and truck frame to rights. We also work on rear axle housings for repair and re-welding as need indicates.
Adding wheels to the truck chassis prepares it for a higher weight classification and load bearing capacity. Our team is well versed in this process, often taking chassis configurations from six to ten wheels for increased performance.

Engineer report – SAAQ Certification – New license Plates

Engineering changes to the differential is another exacting body of work we can do for you. By changing the differential ratio, you can gain higher top speeds with better fuel economy and/or faster acceleration. Depending on what you are hauling and where, you might want to sacrifice some fuel economy in order to haul heavy loads uphill at a higher rate of speed and with more acceleration in order to stay steady on inclined roads.

No matter what type of truck chassis modifications, conversion, or chassis repair you might need, our professional and expert team is there to make it happen – always in the right way to best serve your trucking needs.

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