Truck Differential Repair and Maintenance

Why is a truck differential important?

differential repair, C.T. CAM, photoEvery vehicle has either the front or rear differential. A differential is a gear box with three elements which include ring gear, side gear, and pinion gear. Its main function is between the two sides of the car.

The differential part helps in delivering engine to the wheel axles. Thus helps the wheels to turn to the right or left direction. A two-wheel drive car does not require any rear differential. However, a four-wheel drive requires the rear differentials. Four-wheel drives have both differentials.

The differential is used for transferring power to the vehicle wheels. It adjusts the speed of the wheel when the vehicle moves through turns. The differential allows the wheels to turn at speeds while maintaining control at the same time. Any vehicle that does not have the differential will give one an unstable ride.

Majority of the four-wheel drives have differential back, and front wheels have differentials in the back. The differential for a front is known as the rear axle. It is found between the front wheels. In other vehicles, the differential is needed for regulating power between the wheels.

Truck differential repair: things to consider

truck differential, C.T. CAM, photoWith truck differential repair service, it is important to consider the area one drives the most. Additionally, it is crucial to consider the terrain the vehicle will be passing through. Gravel roads and dirt roads will have an impact on the differential of the vehicle.

Differential maintenance differs from one vehicle to another. Using a differential fluid will have a positive influence on the vehicle health and safety. When the vehicle differential makes noise, then it means that the vehicle has insufficient lubricant.

The average cost of repairing the differential changes depending on the kind of repair. At times it is not only the back that needs repair. Replacing the oil is not such a significant repair and will not cost much. However, if the differential needs extensive damage, it will be more expensive.

Lubrication is essential to maintain the truck differential in good condition. Changing the differential on a regular basis is necessary. Failure to lubricate the differential on a daily basis will make the vehicle not drive as required. The differential oil needs to be in good condition. The differential gears can overheat due to the friction. Therefore, using differential oil will help prevent the gear from being worn out.

Differential Repair – Installation – Sales

differential montreal and laval, C.T. CAM, photoWe rebuild with genuine or approved aftermarket quality parts.

We rebuild & sell our own units or rebuild the customer units when necessary.

Our rebuilt differential units are guaranteed and their cost is always lower than to buy them new.

Differential weight classes:

18, 23, 38, 40, 44, 46, 48 & 55000 lbs.

Differential brands we service:

  • Meritor (Rockwell)
  • Eaton Clark
  • Mack
  • GM
  • Spicer
  • Dana
  • New Process
  • International
  • Navistar and Planetary
  • Bombardier Planetary

Completely reconditioned differentials with our exchange program for the following parts:

  • Gear
  • Crown & Pinion
  • Bearing & Seals
  • Yoke
  • Caging
  • Power Divider
  • Thru shaft
  • Axle Shaft
  • Ratio Change
  • Vibration Trouble shooting
  • Housing (Change or Repair)

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