Brake repair and brake replacement

Camshaft, air dryer and air brake system repair

brake repair, Ressorts Industriels Laval Inc, photoThe importance of the braking system on tractor trailer truck rigs cannot be overstated. One of the biggest causes of accidents on the road involving big trucks is failure of the braking system. There are quite a few components involved in air brake system, the type of brakes commonly used in over-the-road trucks, and it pays to make sure all of these components are operational at their highest capacity and in good brake repair or brake replacement.

The air compressor and its governor, the reservoirs, drain valves and foot valve, the brake chambers, push rod and slack adjusters, the brake S-cam, brake shoes and return spring – all of these elements of the air brake system must be maintained consistently and if any problem appears, it must be repaired as quickly as possible. Monitoring of the truck disc brake system is fairly simple as you would have the system inspected whenever you have your oil changed. Identifying any problems is a bit more complex, and calls for an experienced shop that knows air brake system inside and out.

Ressorts Industriels Laval Inc., with over two decades of experience in brake repair, brake replacement and maintenance is your go-to for your own air brake system. With the best tools in the industry and expert professionals who know their brakes, our team can keep you operating on the road instead of sitting in the shop. Looking for any problems in your truck air brake system is their first priority such as whether your pressure is set correctly and if the intake and bleed off is working properly. In addition to the components listed above, they will inspect your couplers, seals and other outside elements of the braking system to ensure proper functionality.

Camshaft and air dryer inspection

camshaft, Ressorts Industriels Laval Inc, photoThe camshaft is another critical area that requires intense scrutiny and maintenance to be in top condition. This rotating shaft of metal is what makes stopping quickly possible as it allows the rollers to spread the brake shoes apart where they grab the drum and create the friction that stops the wheels turning. Both the camshaft and the drum should be regularly inspected for wear and tear and/or possible failure, and the camshaft and slack adjusters need to be well-greased. The air booster, air dryer to keep condensation out of the lines and the brake valves are other essentials for the truck brake system.

Finding any issues in the brake system and fully repairing them is what Ressorts Industriels Laval Inc. does in order to help your truck operate at its best. Our team recommends you set up a routine maintenance inspection schedule with them so they can help you avoid problems on the road that could cause break downs with longer repair times or accidents with catastrophic results. If you are having Ressorts Industriels Laval Inc. regularly monitor and inspect your semi truck brakes, you should have a greater degree of confidence that continuing to run the roads will be a safe and valuable operation.

Put your trust in our experts decades of experience and expertise when it comes to your truck’s brake system and keep hauling with assurance.

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