Leading truck industry human resource support specialist HR Trucking Canada estimates that 3% of freight truck drivers are women.

Also, a study spearheaded by the Canadian Trucking Alliance found in 2016 that the sector, made up of about 300,000 drivers, will be short 34,000 workers by 2024.

Woman driving 18-wheeler truck, RIL CT-C.A.M., Photo

What motivates people to become truck drivers?

While it still surprises many people, more and more women looking for a quick education and independence are choosing to become truck drivers (local delivery or heavy duty). What attracts them to this profession? Cold sweat and beautiful landscapes… It’s something very impressive! It gives them a challenge. In this environment of men and this very physical job, these women manage to carry out their tasks alone, no matter what the situation.

They maneuver and struggle;

They often maneuver and struggle up to ten hours a day, and even at night, with or without a trailer. At first, fear can be omnipresent in their minds. But when they manage to shake off their initial apprehensions, driving with a 44-ton load no longer gives them the cold shoulder. They enjoy the scenery – often beautiful, let’s face it! – all day long. They see the country. They swallow miles as if they were meditating; they are independent; they are free. Above all, they don’t have the boss on their back. In spite of the fact that they often have to manage their load under the rain, the wind, the cold and the summer, they do not hesitate to strut in the sun under the eyes of colleagues working in offices…


There are even advantages to being a woman in this male environment. Customers tend to be more friendly. Is it difficult to be a female truck driver when you have a family? Generally, women do not want to be too far away from their children. In fact, those who take up this profession usually do not have children. Many of them are in a relationship with a truck driver by trade. They both have it in their veins! They drive 10,000 kilometers together in 10 days, taking over when the other is tired. When one drives, the other sleeps in the cab, admires the view or watches a movie. They have full confidence in each other. Like inseparables, they get along perfectly. They must be on the same wavelength to spend so many hours next to each other.

It’s a good thing they’re on the same wavelength;

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How to promote women in the transportation industry

HR Trucking Canada has developed a national project called “Women on the Move” to raise awareness of career opportunities in the freight transportation sector. Best practices are highlighted, as well as existing barriers and challenges. The trucking industry looks forward to attracting more women through promotion and career advancement. The Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec is also putting its hands to the charm with the introduction of an enhanced program. Women have access to driving heavy vehicles. The program also targets immigrant women: their prior learning is recognized and they have customized training.

Tips to attract women to work in the trucking industry

The labor shortage has reached such proportions that many companies are having to turn down new contracts, accumulate delivery delays and lose customers. Companies are getting creative in attracting women to the trade. Many are going door-to-door to training centers and schools to recruit women directly (even before they have completed their courses).


Here are some of their other tactics:

– Actively listening to the needs and aspirations of the candidates smooths out the rough spots. This allows women to not feel dominated in an environment of men.
– Implementation of a mentoring program. This free measure allows women to draw on the expertise and know-how of experienced mentors to guide them in their career path.
– Review hiring practices to make women more comfortable. For example, they may be more likely to ask an interviewer questions about the cleanliness of restrooms and the safety of rest areas…
– Pay attention to the motivations behind the work and try to address them as much as possible. This may mean being flexible in designating routes.


In conclusion

Solving the transportation industry’s labor shortage problem is possible! The solutions exist and involve the development of young women and immigrants. The sinews of war for companies in this sector is to develop a better image on the market. We would like to remind you that at Ressorts Industriels Laval Inc./C.T. Truck Center. CAM Inc., women must feel welcome. This means, among other things, that they receive personalized service.

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