When should you repair your truck differential?

What if you didn't brush your teeth regularly? What do you think would happen to those pretty pearly whites? Your truck's differential is no different. Get the scoop on when should you repair your truck differential to save money and a headache all at the same time!

Advice from a heavy truck mechanic

Advice from a heavy truck mechanic for the ultimate maintenance of your truck’s life In this blog post, the heavy truck mechanic's at Ressorts Industriels Inc. / Centre de Camion C.T. CAM Inc. have taken a little time out of their busy schedule to put together an article that will help all truck owners [...]

How to choose a good truck repair shop near me?

Finding a high-quality repair shop for your semi-truck is one of the most important aspects of maintaining the operating life of your truck. After all, if you can’t run your routes, you are bleeding money every hour! While you may have protection from your credit card company to protect you against service that is extraordinarily [...]

What are frequent truck suspensions problems unique to Quebec?

Here are the main highlights for your truck suspensions issues in Quebec: A complete inspection of the truck is mandatory before any repair action. This ensures that you do not neglect anything. The preventive maintenance sheet must provide visibility into the actual state of the vehicle and any deficiencies found, without exception. In order for the filling [...]