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Authorized Truck Drive Shaft Sales & Repairs

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Do your automobile need highly-skilled truck drive shaft modifications? Do you require qualified mechanics to look into a slip yoke or bad end yoke in your heavy-duty truck shaft? Never worry if your PTO shaft breaks on the road or the farm. Just call our truck pros to address the challenge immediately. Our two companies Ressorts Industriels Laval Inc. And C.T. Cam, truck owners, provide specialized, 24-hour truck repair services.

Drive Shaft Repair and Parts

Our truck specialists provide the complete maintenance services for light-duty pickups, agricultural semi-trucks, and heavy-duty trucks. As a top-rated truck centers, Ressorts Industriels Laval Inc. And C.T. Cam mechanics the components below:

  • Companion flanges to connect driven shafts drives and flange yoke.
  • SS-2 stub and slip yoke, SS-3 yoke, SS-3 stub, and SS-4 stub allow the shaft length to change.
  • SS versions of stub and slip yoke shafts even the ones whose tube measures 4 inches.
  • CV-2, CV-3, CV-4, and CV-5 end yoke that connects the universal joint to output shaft and gearbox.
  • Drive shafts for Chevy-GMC, Ford, Dodge Trucks, and Jeep.
  • Stub shaft welding services to make the shaft tubing ride on smoothly.

drive shaft, C.T. CAM, photoAuthorized Truck Drive Shafts Distributor

Ressorts Industriels Laval Inc. and C.T. Cam are authorized distributors for several, top quality truck driven shafts and automotive brands. Our centers stock accessories from Powertrain Industries, Spicer, Meritor, Neapco, American Axle, Sonnax Industries, and Neapco. You can never miss the following parts at our fully-stocked truck diagnostic workshops.
Repair, replacement or balancing of driving shafts

Spicer, Meritor, Rockford for the Forester

Series 1350 to 1880

drive shaft replacement, C.T. CAM, photo

Cut, lengthen, balance, rebuild

  • Yoke shaft for use with slip yokes.
  • All types of driving shaft for excellent out power transmission if you need the driveshaft to operate at a slanted position.
  • Aluminum DS-1 shafts, such as the 5.0″ driveshafts.
  • Constant velocity driveshafts to facilitate smooth transmission in torque. Using velocity driving shafts can permit the angular velocity in the truck output and output shafts even when you fail to mount the conditions the universal joint shaft requires.

Driveshaft Repair and Center Support Bearings

We promise that you will find all types of carrier bearings for use in connecting the various shaft pieces. Our company handles minor and major drive shaft repairs and complete replacements for every sprinter model.
Whether you need to purchase a new shaft or to rebuild the current components, we will do the job professionally. Contact on our friendly and courteous technical and sales staff for advice, repair, or service inquiries on 450-661-5157 or 1-800-363-8067 now.

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