Everything you need to know about safety and your dump truck

Dump body safety devices are a system created to warn drivers of heavy dump truck’s when there is a problem with their dumper. The devices are high quality electronic components that essentially keep an electronic eye on the status of a dump trucks dumper. Since April 2019 new safety measures have been put in to place for dumpster operators throughout Quebec. Thus, any heavy truck that uses a dump body more than 4.15 m high must be fitted with a warning light and an audible warning device, such as the light and sound warning system described in this article.

What is this new dump truck security system?

Several accidents caused by trucks with raised skips alerted the Quebec government to the necessity for the adoption of new regulations. As of September 1/2019, the installation of a device on heavy dump vehicles is mandatory. Owners and operators who refuse to comply with these requirements will face a fine of $350 to $1,050.

These regulations define the criteria, installation of and working operation of these new systems and all the guidelines to ensure a dump truck meets the standards imposed for a dump’s body. Equipped with both an audible warning device and warning light, this safety equipment lets a driver know when the bucket is still raised while the truck is moving, avoiding potential road hazards and human safety. Ultra-flexible equipment, these devices can be activated or deactivated during installation. All that is required for the installer is to determine the speed adjustment settings and detection sensitivity settings.

Dump body safety devices for dump truck

Characteristics of Dump Body Safety Devices on a Dump Truck

Before going into details on the components of the device, it is important to stress that this equipment remains in compliance with the requirements of the SAAQ.

The characteristics of a warning system for raised dumper

The warning lights are of high intensity with a horn of 90 DB.

The equipment used in the fabrication of these safety devices can operate independently of the hydraulic and mechanical system of the truck. The components that make up these devices are often ranked among the most rugged and reliable of any detector in the heavy truck market today. At RIL / CT CAM we offer mechanical services such as the installation of your trucks dump body safety device. In addition, these devices are made so as not to require regular maintenance testifying to the strength of their construction and reliability.

<h3>Heat resistance</h3>:

Warning system for raised dumpers can typically withstand temperatures that range between 40 to 80 ° C.

According to the requirements, the red warning light which will flash will be placed above the dashboard, in particular in the axis visible to the driver. As for its frequency, the flashing should be between 60 to 120 times per minute. For the horn, it must give a continuous sound with the same rhythm and audible no matter the circumstances.

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